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The New Theatrics of Remote Therapy

I -- along with a few other therapists --  was interviewed by Adam Gopnik for a featured article in the New Yorker. This essay focuses on the therapist's experience during the pandemic and touches on many different aspects of the therapist's experience. 


Why We Shop and Shop and Shop

I’m very excited to share a recent Boston Globe article about shopping addiction that includes some of my thoughts (in quotes!) about the issue.  Read Linda Rodriguez McRobbie's article, "Why We Shop and Shop and Shop


The 2019 MITPP Summer Institute presents Dr. Ricardo Rieppi's Workshop on Shopping Addiction

Money is among the most emotionally charged subjects in contemporary life and in the psychoanalytic consultation room, with multiple meanings that are suffused with conscious and unconscious associations to power, security, self-worth, and love. These unconscious meanings, in turn, affect unconscious motivations that clash with our conscious striving and subsequently create problematic money symptoms, such as compulsive shopping, which can be seen as attempts to amend a missed or derailed developmental need. A comprehensive and extensive exploration of how patients regard and handle money can help us reveal, understand, and resolve our patients’ most powerfully influential attitudes, beliefs, and feelings, as well as provide us with an opportunity to explore deeper issues of developmental arrest and psychic conflict. We will discuss the historical and contemporary psychoanalytic perspectives on money and its use, with a primary focus on central themes that underlie our clinical understanding and treatment of compulsive shopping. Participants will review psychoanalytic conceptions of money, examine the meaning, clinical process, and psychoanalytic treatment of compulsive shopping, and explore clinical material that illustrates issues related to the treatment of compulsive shopping. 

For more info or to register for the Workshop: https://www.mitpp.org/events

4/18/2019  - I'm very excited to announce the upcoming publication of my chapter on Shopping Addiction that I co-authored with Jean Petrucelli. The book title is "Beyond the Primal Addiction: Food, Sex, Gambling, Internet, Shopping, and Work" and was edited by Nina Savelle-Rocklin and Salman Akhtar.

Beyond Primal Addiction is available NOW on Amazon and Routledge