Areas of Expertise...

​​​​Ricardo Rieppi, Ph.D.
Psychotherapy in New York     |     212-547-8805

​​I specialize in Psychodynamic Therapy and Contemporary Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy but also integrate Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and experiential, affect-focused therapeutic interventions (e.g., Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Emotion Focused Therapy).  I have considerable training and treatment expertise in the following areas:

Mood  (depression, bipolar disorder, irritability and anger)

Anxiety  (worries, fears, and phobias, stress, trauma, obsessive thoughts and compulsions)

Relationships & Interpersonal Effectiveness  (emotional or sexual intimacy, emotional abuse, loneliness, social anxiety, communication skills, divorce or separation infidelity, co-dependency)

Work / Academic Functioning  (underachievement, poor work relations, work bullying,  learning difficulties, performance anxiety)

Substance Use & Compulsive Behaviors  (substance abuse and addiction, compulsive behaviors, behavioral addictions, recovery)

ADHD / ADD  (hyperactivity, impulsivity, and/or inattention in academic, work and social settings)